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Jan 2015

Common Problems with DIY Estate Plan Forms

Avoid DIY estate planning at all costs.

These days, it’s easy to find just about anything online, and legal forms are no exception. Many people are tempted to save time and money by relying on do-it-yourself forms to create a will, power of attorney, or other estate planning documents. There are even websites that promise to help you create the forms you need. Most people never notice the fine print on these sites that warns users about using online legal documents. In every case, do-it-yourself is really at-your-own-risk. (more…)
Jan 2015

When Does Your Power of Attorney Become Effective?

We answer this common estate planning question.

A power of attorney is a legal estate planning document with a variety of uses. With a power of attorney (sometimes abbreviated POA), you can give another person legal authority to act on your behalf. In essence, the person you choose steps into your shoes. (more…)