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Sep 2015

If It Starts with a “D” It’s a Good Reason to Update Your Estate Planning Documents

Estate Planning: When to Review and Update

There are few guarantees in life, but one thing that’s for certain is that life is constantly changing. It’s full of surprises, both expected and unexpected. When it comes to estate planning, creating a comprehensive plan is important, and most people feel a sense of well-being and peace knowing that their estate is taken care of and their loved ones are protected. Just because you have an estate plan, however, doesn’t mean you should throw it in a drawer or filing cabinet and forget about it. You should review it periodically to make sure it’s still accurate. There are also several life events that should prompt an estate plan review. Divorce – divorce is one of the primary reasons you should review your estate plan. You will want to update...
Sep 2015

Sweating the “Small Stuff” – How to Avoid Family Fights Over Sentimental Items

Adding Sentimental Items to Your Estate Planning Documents

It seems everyone has heard a heartbreaking story of a family torn apart by arguments over sentimental items left behind by a loved one. Many relatives may get into a conflict over both small and large items not included their loved one’s estate planning process. Perhaps siblings bicker about who gets old photographs, or cousins disagree about who should receive a set of antique dishes. Although these items may have very little monetary value, their worth is immeasurable to the people left behind after a beloved family member passes away. Unfortunately, many people fail to plan for the distribution of sentimental items and other personal property during the estate planning process. They may have comprehensive plans regarding their stocks, real estate, retirement assets, and even the family business –...