Mar 2015

You’ve Been Named an Executor: Now What?

What is an executor in regards to estate planning?

Losing a close friend or loved one can be a time of grief and emotional upheaval. During this time of mourning, however, there are many tasks that must be addressed, including how to take care of the decedent’s estate. Much of this will be determined by the deceased one’s estate planning documents. (more…)
Feb 2015

Guardianship vs. Power of Attorney: What’s the Difference?

An estate planning lawyer explains guardianship and power of attorney.

Whether you’re thinking about incapacity planning for yourself, a spouse, or an elderly parent, you probably have questions about the various estate planning documents that make up an incapacity plan. Frequently, people wonder whether they need a guardianship or a power of attorney. Because the two estate planning documents share similarities, many people believe they accomplish the same goals. In reality, there are several important differences between guardianships/conservatorships and powers of attorney. (more…)
Feb 2015

What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

Estate Planning Questions Answered

Making a will is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. The goal of a last will and testament is to ensure your property is distributed to the people you care about when you pass away. A will is an incredibly powerful estate planning document that helps you protect and provide for your loved ones. Without one, your assets may not end up where you would have wanted them. (more…)
Jan 2015

Common Problems with DIY Estate Plan Forms

Avoid DIY estate planning at all costs.

These days, it’s easy to find just about anything online, and legal forms are no exception. Many people are tempted to save time and money by relying on do-it-yourself forms to create a will, power of attorney, or other estate planning documents. There are even websites that promise to help you create the forms you need. Most people never notice the fine print on these sites that warns users about using online legal documents. In every case, do-it-yourself is really at-your-own-risk. (more…)