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Our attorneys at law have over 20 years’ combined experienced representing the interests of business owners and individuals both in and out of the courtroom. For most people, the prospect of litigation is intimidating and overly complicated. In fact, many lawyers deliberately avoid trial, even when litigation is the best course of action for their clients. At the Law Office of Randy L. Smith, we believe in doing whatever it takes to protect your rights and pursue your interests. We never rush to settlement, and we take time to fully explore all possible solutions for our clients.

Our Civil Litigation Practice

When you are facing a serious legal conflict, you want an attorney at law who knows the law and how to apply it to the specific facts of your case. Our attorneys handle a wide range of disputes in many practice areas, including:

  • Nursing home abuse and wrongful death
  • Breach of contract
  • Litigation related to mechanic’s liens
  • Rent and possession actions
  • Collection of significant debts
  • Personal injury
  • Insurance negotiation and litigation

Why Experience Matters

Whether you are an individual involved in a personal injury lawsuit or the owner of a large corporation litigating a complicated business matter, trials can be costly and time-consuming. The attorney at law you choose to represent you in court and at the settlement table will determine the ultimate outcome of your case. Without an experienced, knowledgeable advocate on your side, you are likely to end up spending far more and getting a lot less.

At the Law Office at Randy L. Smith, we are truly counselors at law. At every step along the way, we counsel our clients to make smart decision and good choices. We identify risks, inform you of your legal rights, and help you obtain resolutions that really work. Whether your case involves your future, your livelihood, or both, it is too important to leave to chance. Partner with us to resolve your conflict swiftly and cost-effectively.

Springfield, Missouri Litigators

We consider our clients strategic partners in the litigation process. With us, you are never relegated to the sidelines or kept in the dark. At all stages of your case, you will receive the personalized attention, constant communication, and committed counsel you deserve. To speak to one of our trial lawyers about your legal matter, call our Springfield office today at 417-841-2775.

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