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Mar 2014

Employee Non-Compete Agreements in Missouri

Employee Non-Compete Agreements

Run a business long enough and you are bound to encounter a situation in which a high-level employee leaves your company to go work for the competition. When employees have access to sensitive information, such as customer lists or company trade secrets, employers understandably want to curb these individuals' ability to spread that information around to competing businesses. To prevent former employees from misusing sensitive data, many employers turn to non-compete agreements. Non-compete provisions in employment contracts are formally known as a type of "restrictive covenant." Although they are legally permissible, employers must be careful to respect a former employee's right to earn a living when drafting non-compete agreements.

Non-Compete Agreements in Missouri

Non-compete and non-solicitation provisions in employment contracts are enforceable in Missouri as long as they are "reasonable." More specifically, they must strike...