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Feb 2014

An Overview of Guardianships in Missouri

Guardianship Basics

Most people have heard the term "guardianship" but never really think about it until they need one. A spouse gets sick or an elderly parent starts exhibiting signs of dementia. In other cases, new parents worry what will happen to their child if an accident occurs. In any case where someone is unable to look after himself, it is necessary to create a guardianship.

Guardianships vs. Conservatorships: What's the Difference?

In Missouri, guardianship law allows a person or legal entity (the guardian) to oversee the physical well-being and finances of anyone determined to be incapacitated (the ward). Although many people associate wards with elderly adults, minor children and disabled adults can also be wards. Furthermore, Missouri law uses the term "guardianship" to refer to the care and custody of the person and "conservatorship" to describe management...